While I design and build a data center to host this blog (and run my startup!), I’ve temporarily moved this blog to my machine at home. Setting up something on home DSL connection with a dynamic IP address has been an interesting exercise!

Since WordPress is open source, I’ve been easily able to migrate all comments, posts and other stuff to my own machine. I had a cheap old box lying around which is serving as the web server. It has all of 384MB of memory, an AMD 750MHz processor and is running Ubuntu server.

Since I have no traffic on this blog to speak of, the machine should do just fine. Please don’t go and link any of these posts on digg, reddit, slashdot and other such places known to bring down even the heftiest of servers!

So now the new blog address is somewhat simpler and is:


Please excuse my nasty of habit of constantly changing themes. I’ll probably have to make one of my own as I can’t seem to find one I like!


Today I have ended my time as a engineer at Adobe. And so begins the great adventure of creating my own startup.

As someone once said, “There are only two mistakes that you can make – not going all the way, and not starting.” I believe the “mistakes”, to be made, were in reference to the search for truth, but it might just as well have been about starting anything in life.

I couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity in front of me and I’ll try and share my experiences at starting something from scratch. Lets keep the conversation going!

Microsoft Popfly is a mashup creation tool that launched a few months ago, but is still in private alpha. It’s similar in concept to Yahoo! Pipes, but the similarity ends right there. The user interface is built in Silverlight and its got a full alpha-blended, multimedia, 3-D thing going for it.

Apparently you can drag & drop and build your own custom site and embed mashups in them. It even allows you to share your Visual Studio Express projects with others directly from within the IDE. How cool is that?!

OK OK, so its not very cool. Amongst all the social aspects they could think of (and they have a few in here already), they come up with sharing VS Express projects? Hmm… makes you wonder about what it takes to get a project funded in Microsoft. 🙂

Check out the overview video on the Popfly site (warning: requires Silverlight) and a recent video interview with the Popfly project lead.


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